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Claims List Updated! As I stated in Anime Glomps, and will also state in Bishie Claims... I have not had the proper internet access to get on and update the claiming journals. But now that I have it back, I thought I would update~. ^_^ And I do apologize for the extended delay in posts and also for this community seeming a little dead because of it. Anyways!

Notes To Users

we_shout - I will switch your claims over as soon as I can~. ^^
iceduelist - Soukyuu no Fafner Series has already been claimed~.

I am also dropping the following claims. They are free for grabs, only three per person though please~. ^^

Dropped Claims { Freebies! }

Mudou Setsuna ----- Angel Sanctuary
Tidus ----- Final Fantasy X
Nakano Hiroshi ----- Gravitation
Seguchi Touma ----- Gravitation
Kouga ----- Inuyasha
Naraku ----- Inuyasha
Alford Markina ----- Kyou Kara Maou
Geigen Huber ----- Kyou Kara Maou
Kaido Kio ----- Loveless
Konrad von Weller ----- Kyou Kara Maou
Sakamoto-sama ----- Princess Princess
Seto Kaiba ----- Yu Gi Oh
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