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I don't need promises

Yeah,it is been 6 weeks now ,so I guess I get 4 extra claims.  But I wish to drop these claims before.

-Find the Way(Song) from Gundam SEED
-Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha(Series)
-Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's(Series)

My claims.

-Prince of Tennis - Kirihara Akaya [Character]
-Prince of Tennis - Marui Bunta [Character]
-Prince of Tennis - Mukahi Gakuto [Character]
-Prince of Tennis - Marui Bunta x Akutagawa Jirou [Pairing]
-Prince of Tennis - Oshitari Yuushi x Mukahi Gakuto [Pairing]
-Prince of Tennis - Brand New Day [Song]
-Prince of Tennis - Spiral [Song]

Thanks in advance!

EDITl: I have reached 15 more weeks. My old claims have not been added yet. Hope it is fine that I post. 

-Cutie Honey - Cutie Honey [Song]
-Final Fantasy VII [Game Series]
-Final Fantasy VIII [Game Series]
-Final Fantasy IX [Game Series]
-Final Fantasy X [Game Series]
-Final Fantasy X-2 [Game Series]
-Gilgamesh - Crazy 4 U [Song]
-InuYasha - Four Seasons [Song]
-Prince of Tennis - You Got Game? [Song]
-Soukyuu no Fafner [Anime Series]
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